Dean of Pre-Clinical Sciences Eileen Daly Chusid, Ph.D.   Associate Professor
   The Division of Pre-Clinical Sciences consists of eight full-time and ten adjunct faculty members, all holding academic or professional doctorates, or both.   The presentations of this faculty provide the foundations for the students entering the clinical years and graduates going on to post-graduate podiatric medical education, scholarly research and perhaps teaching.  The course offerings of Pre-Clinical Sciences are presented below.
First Year Courses
   The focus of the year’s Pre-Clinical Sciences offerings is on normal human biology as elucidated by courses in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Histology, General Anatomy, Embryology, Immunology, Introduction to Genetics, Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics, Neurosciences, Physiology and Bacteriology. 
Second Year Courses
   Pre-Clinical Science courses include an in-depth study of Lower Extremity Anatomy.  Deviations from normal human biology are surveyed in Infectious Diseases, Pathology I and II, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology, with attention to the clinical implications of the subject matter.
DMETS1210--Introduction to Genetics
DMETS1213--Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics  
DMETS1218--Physiology and Lab 
DMETS2225—Fundamentals of Pathophysiology
DMCRO2105--Infectious Diseases
DMORP1306—Cell Biology and Histology and Lab
DMORP1317--General Anatomy and Lab
DMORP2317--Lower Extremity Anatomy and Lab     
DMORP23A4—Pathology I and Lab: General Pathology
DMORP23B4—Pathology II: Systemic Pathology
DMORP3300—Honors Clerkship in Dermatopathology