1. Terms


This service agreement shall be effective from the day of drop off of computer equipment by user at the Help Desk.

All repairs deemed necessary to keep the PC in working order must be approved by user. This includes repairs not covered by the vendors warranty and will be billed to the user.

The technology fee will be billed to individual user's account on a per semester basis by NYCPM Business Office.


 2. Eligibility for service agreement


2.1) Equipment is eligible for service under this agreement provided its condition, in the opinion of the Help Desk, is not due to improper treatment or use.

2.2) If the equipment has been previously used prior to the commencement date of the agreement, equipment repairs and/or adjustments that Help Desk determines to be necessary shall be made at rates/terms and conditions then in effect.


3. Service Responsibilities of Help Desk 


3.1) Help Desk, at its option, shall repair or replace equipment or material properly returned for service after receipt of material. Service may include the replacement of parts deemed necessary by the Help Desk. All such parts shall be standard parts or parts of equal quality.

3.2) In the event newly installed third party modules cause incompatibility or other interference within the system, the user accepts the responsibility for modifications or repair of the equipment.

3.3) A limited number of loaners will be available while the computer is being serviced.


4. Service limitations and responsibilities of PC users


4.1) PC users shall indicate a list of equipment to be serviced under this agreement by completing a service request form at Help desk.

4.2) Repair service does not include operating supplies, consumable items such as notebook batteries, accessories, paint, refinishing the equipment or furnishing refinishing products.

4.3) It is the responsibility of all PC users to transport all equipment to the Help Desk. All transportation charges, if any, shall be the responsibility of the PC user.

4.4) The Help Desk is not responsible for any repaired equipment left at Information Systems Department for a period of more than two (2) weeks.

4.5 Prior to installation of accessories or hardware upgrades, user will bring equipment to Help Desk for installation assistance and verification.


5. Limitations of Liability


5.1) Services do not include.

a: repairs made necessary due to user neglect.

b: replacement of missing parts.

c: replacement of plastic parts.

d: performance of normal operator functions as described in operator's guide.

e: increase in service time resulting from operator neglect or unique applications or misapplications.

5.2) Services do not include maintenance for support of operating systems and applications of software or hardware malfunctions caused by       or related to defects in software.

5.3) The Help Desk is not responsible for repairs necessitated by PC users alterations of equipment or for the repair of unspecified accessories which may be attached to equipment.

5.4) The Help Desk is not responsible for any loss of data from computer while computer is under repair. The Help Desk is not responsible for any consequential damages due to repair of computer.

5.5) All software questions should be directed to the Help Desk staff.