Introduction to Content Portlets

Content portlets are used to display, manage, and store information.  The Custom Content portlet allows any page Administrator to incorporate text, links and images into the look and feel of a page.  Some Administrators also have the option to display an entire HTML page within this portlet rather than using the basic editing template.  Much of the information you have been reading in the Welcome Tab has been has been displayed in a Custom Content portlet.  In addition, the header name of this portlet can be renamed - basically, the Custom Content portlet is like a blank slate that can be placed on whatever page you'd like, as many times as you'd like, and filled with whatever you'd like.  It's one of our favorite portlets because it's so customizable, and it's sure to become one of your favorites, too!

Bookmarks can be utilized by a user to save and organize their personal and favorite Web links or by an Administrator to share specific Web links with the community.  For example, does your school use an outside vendor to manage your campus bookstore?  Does that vendor maintain a Web site for you to sell school related items?  If so, you could use a Bookmarks portlet to display a link to that site - and remember that you can change the header name.

Handouts can be used throughout the portal to organize and share documents.  Like many schools, we're sure you require students to fill out some type of paper forms.  Make their lives easier - store them in a Handouts portlet so they can be downloaded at any time.