What are "Base" portlets?

Base portlets are delivered as part of the basic JICS framework - that is, if your school has only implemented JICS without any of the Constituent Relationship Modules (CRMs) or the Learning Management System (LMS), you will still have the ability to use these Base portlets.

There are approximately twenty Base portlets with related features.  We refer to these features here because some of the Base functionality may not be an actual portlet, but rather a link or page.  Many of these Base portlets and features will be the most heavily used in your portal since they offer basic features and functionality. 

For the purpose of this Welcome Tab, we have divided the base portlets into the groupings you see listed on the left side bar as Pages. These Pages include:

Groups including the Campus Group and Group Directory portlets.

Communication & Personal Organization including the Announcements, Calendars, Chat, Forums, and Task Manager portlets.

Content including the Bookmarks, Bulletin Boards, Custom Content and Handout portlets.

Other Features
including Campus Directory, Contact Us, Customize This Page, ERP Integration, Manage Groups, Message Center, and My Info.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the individual Base portlets and features.  Think of them, literally, as the 'base' upon which you will build your school's portal along with any additional CRMs or the LMS.  If you master these basic elements, you will be well on your way to developing a successful and useful portal environment for your campus community.