Introduction to Group Portlets

MY.NYCPM has two Group portlets:  Campus Groups and Group Directory as well as the related Manage Groups feature.  These portlets allow authorized users to create and join campus community related online groups such as academic, social, special interest or athletic.  Group members can then contact and interact with other members or the organization via online collaboration tools such as chat or file sharing features and create group related pages within the portal.

The functionality of these portlets is self explanatory.  Campus Groups can reside on any page or context and allows users to quickly see the groups in which they are members, request the creation of a new group, drop out of a group, and browse all available groups.  All new groups must be approved by a designated individual prior to appearing in the Campus Groups listing.  The Group Directory portlet can be used to create a directory of members for any campus group.  The Manage Groups feature is only available to Administrators and can be used to edit existing groups or create new ones. 

Some decisions to consider when configuring the manner in which your campus groups will function:  Who will be designated to approve or deny the creation of new groups?  How many pages will each group be allowed to create and maintain?  If your school has a file sharing policy, should you use a Custom Content portlet to post it within your group related context?

Group related portlets can greatly enhance the manner in which your institution's campus interact and collaborate with each other.  Campus organizations are usually excited about the new forum available to them, and student activity offices are usually appreciative of the new features and functionality available for student group use.
The Campus Group and Group Directory portlets are also featured on this page.  Take some time to explore their functionality.